Fruity, Pineapple, Pear, Plum, Jackfruit

   outstanding high impact material

   implements natural effects and offers deep tropical fruit effects

   underlines the juiciness and fully ripe fruit characteristics

   top note booster

   adds volume to the fruit character and richness to the floralcy

   recommended use level: traces up to 1%

Sultanene® pushes the fruitiness of any creation with an impressive cost/price efficacy.

(Maurice Roucel, Master Perfumer, France)


With Sultanene® the whole composition seems to be more juicy

(Pascal Sillon, Senior Perfumer, France)


Sultanene® boosts the citrus top notes. It gives a rich tropical fruit effect.

(Lianny Dwijanti, Perfumer, Singapore)


Sultanene® adds volume to the fruity character and richness to the floralcy.

(Pierre Kurzenne, Senior Perfumer, France)


Sultanene® is a very efficient aroma molecule that adds effects of juiciness and fully ripe fruits.

(Clito Hödicke, Master Perfumer, Mexico)


·       Identitity: 2-Cyclopentene-1-acetic acid, ethyl ester

·       CAS No.: 15848-49-4

·       Tenacity on Blotter: 3 hours

·       Chem. Class: Ester


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