Symrise offers a palette of powerful ingredients which you can use in traces or low dosages to create a unique signature for your fragrance.

Sultanene® - fruit vibrations

Fruity, Pineapple, Plum, Pear

Sultanene®: a fruity speciality and an outstandig high impact material.

It represents naturalness, overall juiciness and richness by underlining deep tropical fruit effects. Moreover it adds volume to the fruit character and richness to the floralcy. The molecule creates surprising effects in woody/oriental surroundings and is the perfect ingredient to boost top notes.

Top up your creation with Sultanene® by Symrise!

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Ambrocenide® - brilliant in all facets

Ambery, Woody, Amber

Ambrocenide® Cryst. by Symrise surprises with a unique vibrant sensation that sets a distinct example with its power and its intense aura. It unveils a broad spectrum of glitttering possibilities and compositions which distinguish themselves in their unique and precious character.

Ambrocenide® is available as the pure crystalline product and several solutions.

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Nerolione - a breeze of orange blossom

Floral, Orange Blossom

Complex yet pure. Intense yet clean. Tender yet powerful. Symrise captured the radiant scent of orange blossoms in this molecule that offers endless possibilities. With its outstanding and versatile properties, Nerolione will bring an invigorating, fresh breeze to the heart of your products.

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Jacinthaflor® - a boost for floral notes

Floral, White Flower, Animalic

Powerful Jacinthaflor®: an indolic floral character that combines jasmine and hyacinth. Adds cleanliness, offers excellent color stability and helps emphasize all floral notes, particularly in jasmine and orange flower.

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Irisnitrile - compelling elegance and efficiency

Floral, Iris, Orris, Green


Irisnitrile raises a creative boost. It offers elegant solutions to modify your creations from floral-woody to green-floral. Single flower compositions like iris, violet and rose can be accentuated. Irisnitrile implements dry, powdery and cosmetic aspects in a unique way. Experience the elegant vibrancy of Irisnitrile!

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Filbertone - the scent you can taste

Fruity, Hazelnut, Green, Dried Fruit

The original by Symrise -

In flavors creating a distinctive hazelnut character, adding outstanding body to brown flavors and providing a remarkable richness to exotic fruit flavors. It lifts minty notes and underlines the tangy effects in citrus flavors.

A creative option for your fragrances: A boost in nearly every composition, even when used in smallest amounts. Filbertone enriches fruits notes, especially tropical fruit notes. It builds complexity in citrus notes and adds finesse to roses, sandalwood and gourmet concepts.

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Mandaril - the lasting top note

Citrus, Mandarin, Orange, Coriander Leaf

Symrise’s Mandaril is a powerful and very stable citrussy nitrile reminding of mandarin peel. It boosts juicy mandarin and orange notes and enhances fruity fragrances. The molecule is dedicated to prolong the value of fresh top notes and make them last in the heart. Mandaril has an outstanding strength and tenacity as well as excellent burning properties.

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Corps Racine - natural green power

Green, Vegetable-Green, Green Bell Pepper, Asparagus, Rooty

Corps Racine is a green fragrance booster. Its typical vegetable-green note reminds of green bell pepper and asparagus. It is typical for petitgrain, galbanum, vetiver and patchouli compositions. In green fruits it unveils a crisp and radiant effect.

The 1% solution of this highly substantive material can be used from 0.001% up to 5%.

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