Cell Protection

Too much UVB radiation leads to DNA damage. Recent research has identified another very important mechanism in UVB induced cell damage. According to some dermatological experts this accounts for at least 50% of the induction of the damage, including skin cancer and premature aging.

The use of traditional formulations containing UV filters as a means to attenuate the UV radiation are insufficient to prevent this from happening, as not all of the UV rays are prevented from penetrating into the skin.

UVB rays cause a toxic response in the skin via activation of the Aryl hydrocarbon Receptor (AhR). Symrise has developed SymHelios® 1031 a new cosmetic ingredient having a very positive influence on skin health.

SymHelios® 1031

  • protects the skin form deep within – Cell protection – against the long term damaging effects of UVB rays.
  • reduces UVB induced wrinkles and inflammation by binding the protein AhR in a non toxic way.

SymHelios® 1031 is not a UV filter and does not protect against sunburn itself. It is therefore no alternative for the use of UV filters.


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